TouchWatch 2
created by Markus Gehlhaar, Copyright ©2008-2010, All rights reserved.


What is it?
TouchWatch is a timer and stopwatch application with finger friendly usage. Use it to track time and don't forget your pizza.

Which devices are supported?
It should run on all devices with Windows Mobile 5 or 6. All screen resolutions are supported.

Which requirements for use this application?
Windows Mobile 5 or higher
.NET Compact Framework 3.5 [DOWNLOAD]
2.5MB free RAM

Which languages are supported?
English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dansk, French, Greek, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Lithuanian

How to install it?
Just copy the CAB file to your device and execute it with the File-Explorer. After the installation is done you will find an icon in the programs startmenu.

How to use it?
The usage is very simple. Just use fingertips to start or stop a timer (d-pad action). If you want to reset a timer, hold down your finger (or d-pad action key) for 500ms. To modify the settings of a timer, tab on the left side icon and the settings will open (d-pad left). TouchWatch is self explaining.

D-Pad control?
The dpad

Main screen Timer settings Main settings

Touchwatch 2 (version 2.4.4) - CAB installer [DOWNLOAD] (use right-click and save as maybe)

Please visit the XDA Developers forum to leave support requests.

Important for Slide2Unlock (S2U2/S2U) Users
If you are using Slide2Unlock there might be a problem if you switch off the device while a timer is running. S2U forces the device to suspend, but the device have to be in unattended mode to work properly. Take one of this possibilities:
1. Uninstall S2U.
2. or never switch off the device while a timer is running.
3. or try to configure S2U2 like this:
* Lock when screen is blank > off
* Lock when backlight turns off > off
* Power off in > off
* But blank screen only > off
* Blank screen on talk > off
* Please check those settings on both "On battery power" and "On external power"

Version History

* Added icons for timer/stopwatch
* Added sensor support for auto rotation
* Added darker color for disabled timer/stopwatch
* Added lithuanian translation (many thanks to cukierkas)

* Fixed polish translation
* Added rushian translation (many thanks to Ethermind)

* Added polish translation (many thanks to billyJ)
* Added hungarian translation (many thanks to gidano)
* Added greek translation (many thanks to dancer_69)
* Added czech translation (many thanks to Dr.Hadr)
* Fixed AppToDate problem
* Fixed landscape view
* Changed default elapsed alarm cycles to 20 instead of 5
* Added the ability to change LED ID for vibration via registry
* Added clock (on last timer item if no timer is set)
* Added some new sounds
* Device isn't vibrating anymore at startup, if you deactivate vibrating response in the settings

* Increased graphics performance by 50%! Milliseconds updating faster now.
* Slightly lower battery usage.
* Fixed a bug noticed by trids ( If you long-click ("reset") on a timer that is not yet defined, then the app don't crashes anymore.
* Added AppToDate support.
* Fixed font problem. Digital font was displaying in google maps and some other programs. This is a strange behavior of some programs which don't have set a explizit font for usage.
* Fixed WVGA fitting.
* Added support for switching the device off while timer/stopwatch is running
* Added S2U2 detection and automatic exception creation.
* Hopefully fixed screen fitting for WVGA devices
* Overall user interface speed and battery consumption is improved.
* Added multilanguage support (English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dansk, French).
* Added the possibility to change the timers description (like "Eggs" or "raise pot").
* Added the possibility to change a timers value by keyboard.
* Added a button to mute the elapsed alarm and let timer run.
* Added easy access to the main features.
* Hiding TouchWatch is now working correctly. If an alarm is playing, TouchWatch will come to front automatically.
* Color change possible (registry only).
* Fixed sound bugs.
* Removed custom taskbar. The windows default taskbar will do the job.
* Added an option to select between application- or standard taskbar.
* Fixed bug: Font directory not found at startup (DirectoryNotFoundException).
* First beta release.

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